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It’s time for the seasonal shows – with Shami Chakrabarti as leading lady and Matthew Hancock as handsome prince

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It is that time when one looks over the last 12 months to give an overview of the most significant legal stories of the year, those in particular that are likely to have significant ramifications in 2013.

Prime amongst them must surely be the irresistible rise and rise of Shami Chakrabarti, director of Liberty. Constantly seen on Question Time and Newsnight; bracketed (when it comes to Olympic flag-waving) with nobel prize winners, UN general secretaries and sporting deities such as Muhammad Ali; garlanded with symbols of monarchical approval (she got a CBE in 2007); and honoured by a place under the benign eye of the saintly Lord Justice Leveson.

And now she is to be fast-tracked into the upper levels of the judiciary. Well, that is perhaps an exaggeration, but she will take her place among other “distinguished jurists” who will lecture other judges on “Being a judge in the modern world”.

The programme organised by the Judicial College comprises four lectures over the coming months by Lord Carnwath of the Supreme Court, Lord Chief Justice Lord Judge, the aforementioned Lord Justice Leveson – and young Shami, a civil liberties campaigner and former Home Office barrister. Read the rest of this entry

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