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Alan Richards is a journalist and blogger on legal matters, financial affairs, politics and economics. For additional in-depth legal background see also the  ThinkingLegally blog.

(Latest Thinking Legally piece: The “perverse” Colston verdict)

Although the author has legal qualifications, nothing in this blog should be regarded as advice nor as an authoritative statement of the law. Often positions stated here are arguable only or purposely contentious.

This blog contains ‘news-related material’. It is neither licensed nor regulated. However, nor is it greatly averse to following the PCC Editor’s Code of Practice.

Note on URL links to legislation: These are given for guidance only. Often the legislation on the Parliament website has not been updated with later amendments. Use Westlaw, Lexis etc if accurate references are required.

Twitter: alrich0660

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  2. Hi there who wrote the very insightful and intelligent article about the divorce of Nichola and Clive Joy?


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